Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What does being Creative mean to you?

When my daughter was little I received a piece of advice that I LOVE. I can't even remember what decision I was struggling with but someone wise told me:

Creativity Can Only Flourish Where Boundaries Exist

Not only did this apply to my daughter and how she was raised but I see it working everyday in my life. In regards to crafting I'm always looking to create something within my boundaries, usually it's HOW can I make "XX" without running out to the store to buy more "things." How can I make this project work for me? Do I have to learn something new or can I take what I already know and apply it here? If I have so buy something new, can I use this item in more than one way? Is it a multi-tasker? 

I'm trying REALLY hard not to be a crafting hoarder! LOL There are so many projects that are just BEAUTIFUL and I want to try everything. :-) Pinterest? I can be there for hours!

So I guess to me being creative is not just making something beautiful but also seeing if I can make it using supplies that I already have on hand. Once I make something I will reevaluate and if I need to take a trip to Michael's then I will.

What do you think? What does being creative mean to you?

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