Friday, April 26, 2013

CKC here I come!

Today I did something VERY fun! I headed up to Manchester, NH and went to the CKC Scrapbook Convention. :-) AND I went with the most amazing person MOM! Can life get any better?!?

Since neither one of us has ever been to a convention like this we spent some time plotting strategy. We decided that what we really wanted to do was check out the vendors on the floor, so no classes for us. Also, we surmised that getting there early would be we bought the ticket that allowed us to enter the fair at 9 instead of 10.

We arrived with just enough time to pick up our SWAG bags and then we were through the door! I looked around, took a deep breath and dove right in! :-) Mom and I circled the perimeter to get a lay of the land....I'm glad we did. We were able to get a feel of the show, vendors, and products that were available.

My favorite place we stopped was Craft Fantastic. We were summoned over by a fantastic woman who invited us to sit and work on a free make and take. The charm turned out so beautiful and it was so quick to make! I could definitely see how I could use the Fantastic Glaze and Glue in so many projects -- so watch for those!! I am very intrigued to see how it can hold it's dimension as it dries.


I also was able to get in a little shopping for basic supplies. I found great deals on paper, rhinestones. and adhesive. I also found something I hadent' seen before. It is a "rhinestone" mesh fabric. Several booths had it and the colors were endless. :-) I ended up picking mine up from Scrapping 4 Less.


(edited to add the "You're Special" card from Creative Kuts. I embelished the card with the Jewel Ribbon from Scrapping 4 Less -- I LOVE this stuff!!)

So, all in all I had a GREAT time! I'm SO glad that we went early and would choose to do that again. :-) I came home with some great products and TONS of inspiration -- be sure to watch for it in my upcoming projects!



  1. This WAS a great day...crafting, pretty sparkly things and my very favorite daughter!!! We had a wonderful time. The show was well laid out, lots of new products (in fact, a little sensory overload) but great ideas for our upcoming projects.
    Love you Christy!!!

    1. <3 I had a GREAT time with you today!! I would definitely go again! Love you too!! xoxo