Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Need a little extra cash?

Try Cash Crate....

I think we've all seen the make money taking surveys kind of sites. I've tried them once or twice and have never had good luck with them.

Recently I read a blog post about Cash Crate and decided to give it a try. The post I read stated that this was a COMPLETLY free site, so I was intriguied. :-)

I created an email account to use specifically for Cash Crate and signed up. I was quickly VERY happy about the dedicate email address -- I had about 7 emails in the first 3 minutes! The set up was very easy and not once did they ask for any money. They seemed to have the usual suspects of survey offers as well as some offers that I had never seen. From what I can gather you can choose to spend money on certain offers -- but that is up to you. You can certainly scroll right past those if you choose to.

Granted, I've only invested about 15 minutes so far but I'm already up to $6.45. I've taken surveys, watched a video, and searched the web. It looks like they won't cut a check for under $20, but that's OK...I can wait to see how this all works out. I'm not expecting to be able to quit my job BUT I wouldn't mind a little extra money coming in.

I did sign up through someones referral link so they will receive a percentage of what I generate, so if you are interested in joining Cash Crate I would ask you to use my link....just click the banner I have listed. :-)

I'll post every so often to keep you updated about my experience and if you sign up let me know what you think!


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